SCI Safety Zone Exclusion Schedule for 27-Sep-2020
Zone Start End Altitude Range Area
A Available - no scheduled operations
B Available - no scheduled operations
C 27-SEP 070027-SEP 1900 -90 :5000SHOBALSHGT
D 27-SEP 070027-SEP 1900 -90 :5000SHOBALSHGT
E Available - no scheduled operations
F Available - no scheduled operations
G Always restricted
W/C Always restricted
WCNAA No anchorage
SCI Hazardous Operations Area Schedule for 27-Sep-2020
Area Start End Altitude
C1 27-SEP 140027-SEP 1800 SFC:40K
C2 27-SEP 140027-SEP 1800 SFC:40K
C3 27-SEP 140027-SEP 1800 SFC:40K
D1 27-SEP 140027-SEP 1800 SFC:40K
D2 27-SEP 140027-SEP 1800 SFC:40K
NORTH SOAR 27-SEP 090027-SEP 1530 SFC:5000
SHOBALSHGT 27-SEP 070027-SEP 1900 -90 :5000
SOAR S1 27-SEP 080027-SEP 1200 SFC:5000
SOAR S2 27-SEP 080027-SEP 1200 SFC:5000
SOAR S3 27-SEP 080027-SEP 1200 SFC:30K
SOAR S4 27-SEP 080027-SEP 1200 SFC:30K
SOAR S5 27-SEP 080027-SEP 1200 SFC:30K
SOAR S6 27-SEP 080027-SEP 1200 SFC:30K
TAR-17 27-SEP 080027-SEP 1500 SFC:100
27-SEP 161527-SEP 1915 SFC:100
WINDWARD-2 27-SEP 161527-SEP 1915 SFC:5000
WL1 27-SEP 140027-SEP 1800 SFC:40K
Legend: FLR = Ocean floor; SFC = Water surface; Altitudes in feet
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Updated Sep 22, 2020, 17:00

Safety zone STATUS:

RED: Restricted/scheduled for military use for 24 hours
RED/GREEN STRIPE: Restricted/scheduled for less than 24 hours (see table for hours)
BLACK outline: Scheduled for military operations (see table for hours)

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Schedules are subject to change at any time.

Warning: The Navy routinely flies UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS (UAS) from and around San Clemente Island. Many of these UAS's are small and nearly invisible to other pilots. Any SAFETY ZONE SECTION HIGHLIGHTED in red on, generally also has hazardous airspace associated with it. Please keep all aerial fish spotters and other aircraft out of hazardous operations areas for your safety and the safety of others.

WARNING: West Cove No Anchorage Area 334.921 Pacific Ocean at San Clemente Island, Calif.; naval restricted area. (a) The area. All waters between the northern and southern boundaries of the area known as West Cove seaward approximately four miles. The northern boundary is defined by the coordinates:

The northern boundary is defined by the coordinates:
33°00.66' N.118°36.30' W.
32°59.50' N.118°37.50' W.
32°59.33' N.118°38.63' W.
The southern boundary is defined by the coordinates:
33°00.66' N.118°35.45' W.
32°58.50' N.118°36.66' W.
32°57.75' N.118°38.63' W.

(b) The regulation.
(1) The use of this area for anchorage is prohibited to all craft at all times.
(2) The regulations in this section shall be enforced by the Commander, Naval Base, San Diego, and such agencies as he/she shall designate.